Red, White, and Blue Firehouse Museum


Firehouse MuseumHoused in a circa-1877 two-story residence that still has two original stained-glass windows, the Red, White and Blue Firehouse Museum is a good stop for those interested in old fire-fighting equipment and in old structures. Outside the house is clapboarded; inside some of the walls have been left unrestored so visitors can see the original logs, chinked with smaller logs, and original newspaper wall-coverings.

The house has had some "famous" residents. Johnny B. Dewers, owner of the Corner Saloon and one-time chief of the Pioneer Hook and Ladder Fire Company, lived there until Aug. 4, 1898.

The entry floor houses the largest exhibit in the museum, a 30-ft. long, bright red ladder cart that was pulled by men. The 1880 vehicle, restored in 1992, carries 12 leather buckets, 4 ladders and a pike pole with which to pull down ceilings and walls (there's room on the cart for 8 ladders and 7 pike poles), 2 soda/acid extinguishers, 5 kerosene lanterns, 2 axes and a kerosene torch. Another exhibit is a restored hose cart; a bell rings when its wheels turn. There's also a wire stoke litter into which bodies were strapped before being set on wooden backboards for transport in carts or trucks. Other displays showcase hats, nozzles, belts, extinguishers and uniforms. Upstairs one can see an old canvas stretcher with wooden legs, a wooden parade sled and old photos.

The Red, White and Blue Fire Department is the result of a 1976 merger of three fire companies: the Blue River Hose Company, the Breckenridge Fire Department and the Pioneer Hook and Ladder Fire Company. The department provides fire protection and rescue services to the Upper Blue River Basin, a 138-sq.-mile section of Summit County.

Directions: The Red, White, and Blue Firehouse Museum is located at 308 North Main Street, Breckenridge, across the street from the OK Gaymon cabin (the Breckenridge Information Cabin). From Blue River Plaza in the center of Breckenridge, proceed north on Main Street (toward Frisco) for approximately two blocks. The Firehouse Museum is on the right (east) side of the street.