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How to Become a Member


Dear Prospective Member:

The Board of Directors of the Summit Historical Society invites you to become a member of the Society.

We are a nonprofit organization founded in 1966. Our mission is "to identify, preserve, interpret, and disseminate the history of Summit County, Colorado." Since our founding, our membership has grown to over 500, most from Colorado but many from out-of-state. We have been instrumental in saving and preserving many of Summit County's historic sites, and, at present, we are responsible for nineteen of them.

Our varied properties include several Victorian residences in Breckenridge and Dillon, two 1880's schoolhouses, Slate Creek Hall, the 1918 Rice Barn, the 1875 Edwin Carter Museum, a museum in Silverthorne, a museum on Main Street in Breckenridge, and two mine sites: Lomax Placer Gulch and the Washington Mine. These structures and the numerous artifacts they contain provide a rich insight into the history and culture of a golden era in the Colorado mountains.

Society volunteers and staff provide seasonal tours and programs at many of the sites and, as weather permits, arrange for other openings. Our archivist, utilizing the resources of our research library and archives, responds to inquiries concerning the past. The Society also sponsors meetings of a monthly book club devoted to Western history and literature, field trips, special lectures, holiday dinners, wine-tastings, and several fun and historically related fundraisers such as the Boarding House Bash and the Blue Spruce Hike and Brunch.

Even though our preservation activities and programs are a source of pride, our accomplishments have taken a large financial commitment and many hours of volunteer time. We will need much more of both in the future as our county faces increased population growth and visitor interest. Your membership will help us meet present and future challenges.

An individual membership entitles you to receive our quarterly newsletters, information on tours, programs, and events, and occasional discounts on gift shop items and admission prices. Other memberships provide additional tour tickets and gift shop coupons. Membership in the 1859 club offers additional benefits and recognition.

Membership in the Society also offers you the opportunity to serve as an active volunteer, working with a delightful and diverse group of history buffs willing to share their time and energy on behalf of the Society and the communities it serves. Currently, we need a number of volunteers-from carpenters to computer wizards. We need those willing to serve as tour guides and newsletter contributors and those eager to assist with fund-raising events and special programs.

By joining the Summit Historical Society, you become an important part of a hard-working, dedicated organization that provides a wealth of education and many services to Summit County residents and thousands of visitors. By preserving its legacy, the Society maintains the unique character of Summit County, an attraction for many.

To take advantage of this golden opportunity, you may join by clicking here to access our Membership Application, filling out and printing the application, and mailing it to us. Full instructions may be found on the "Membership Application" page.

Sincerely yours,

Summit Historical Society